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What Coatings Do They Use To Protect Canvas Prints?

Many of us are very much in love with the art of photography. There is a lot of subjects that you can cover – whether it be your loved ones, your favorite things, sceneries, or pets, or anything about nature. It is indeed undeniable that capturing the beauty of these makes some great pieces of memories, as well as beautiful works of art.

But for you to treasure your beloved photos, what is better done to immortalize the beauty of your photos than to preserve them through any forms? As of now, there is a large number of methods being used to preserve the beauty of your photos. But one new method has been used right now not only to preserve the beauty of your pictures, but to further enhance them as well. This is what they call canvas printing.

The Timeless Beauty of Canvas Printing

Canvas printing is a new method of printing, wherein they put your photos into specialized canvas like they are transferring your photos into a larger medium, enlarging it but enhancing the quality of your photo at the same time. This has been a relatively new type of printing, still on its way to the mainstream printing industry. But reviews and feedbacks that are all positive are proof that canvas printing is well-received, not only by photography enthusiasts, but also by general consumers.

Why is Coating Needed?

Canvas printing uses coatings to ensure a canvas free of cracks once it is stretched. Canvas N Décor uses two types of coatings – gloss and satin. Gloss coatings not only give protection to your prints, but also give density and vibrancy to the colors. On the other hand, satin coatings give out a more subdued effect, proving a more textured appearance. Coatings also come in liquid and spray form.